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Success built on rock solid foundations

Islandus Europe ehf is a subsidiary of Alftaborgir ehf, originally a family business founded as wholesale distributors of consumer products in Iceland in 1976. Now some 30 years after modest roots in Iceland, Alftaborgir ehf is a successful and debt free international company with presence in the USA and Europe, operating on a rock solid foundation and financed by the company own capital reserves.


Social Responsibility

We are committed to global issues. Islandus is the proud sponsor of Peace 2000 Earthchild, helping raise funds for peace initiatives and humanitarian work.  http://peace2000.org/



Accountant: Kristinn Sigtryggsson, Endurskodendathjonustan ehf, Reykjavik, Iceland. Tel: +354-5806800

Mailing Address: Islandus Europe ehf / Alftaborgir ehf, Skipholt 50d, 105 Reykjavik, ICELAND.